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Sig Sauer’s SIERRA6BDX 5-30X56mm Brings Accessible Tech Downrange

For years manufacturers have tried to incorporate ballistic-calculating technology into optics, and the result for the most part has either been highly expensive military technology and/or bulky and cumbersome civilian designs.

Until SIG developed the award-winning SIERRA3 and the BDX Data Xchange. Providing hunters with an intelligent auto-holdover specific to their ballistics, target, and environment, this optic system has changed the game.

Sig Sauer’s SIERRA6BDX 5-30X56mm

The SIERRA3 had its drawbacks though, based on my experience with it. Though it could accurately range out to 800 yards and deliver the perfect hold over, it was like looking through a paper towel roll. The field of view at distance was quite narrow, and the edges of the field of view through the scope would become hazy at maximum magnification. This became problematic when I took the optic on a sheep hunt in far west Texas.

Enter the SIERRA6BDX 5-30X56mm Riflescope

With a much larger aperture, 56mm vs. 44mm, the SIERRA6 took all the issues I had with the SIERRA3 and made them disappear. First and foremost, the optic gathers much more light. This allows hunters to acquire targets in dimmer settings, generally the time that the critter you’re searching for is moving about. Next, the field of view issue was solved. Looking through the SIERRA6, I feel like my eyes are wide open with little to no haze at full magnification.

Sig Sauer’s SIERRA6BDX 5-30X56mm

But what is the real draw to the BDX line of optics from SIG? It’s the auto-holdover technology. The SIERRA6BDX 5-30X56mm riflescope pairs with a rangefinder and bonds through an app on your smartphone. Using your phone’s computer, the app takes into account manually entered ammunition ballistic information based on the round used and then programs the optic accordingly.

Once set, hunters can put their phone away and simply use a paired SIG KILO range finder that comes with the optic. A simple tap of the range button will communicate the distance to the optic and instantaneously, an illuminated point on the crosshairs will move up or down, pinpointing the perfect holdover for the distance.

Two things to point out in this short review: though ranged perfectly, wind calls are still on the hunter. Second, if you are not a tech person, I would make sure to have someone who is help you initially get the BDX setup, or call SIG’s ever-patient customer helpline. It can get a bit tricky.

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