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TaurusTX 22

The TaurusTX 22 line spans the handgun gamut from competition to recreational. And it’s now an award-winning firearm.

The TaurusTX 22 family of pistols has earned the coveted Shooting Sports Retailer Choice Award for New Product of the Year.

The acclaimed TaurusTX 22 range comprises the popular full-size model, the red-dot ready Competition model, the Steel Challenge Ready model, and the latest addition, the TaurusTX 22 Compact. The Compact model is a red-dot-ready variant featuring 13-round capacity, perfect for recreational shooting or concealed carry.

About the Award

The Shooting Sports Retailer Choice Awards spotlight the best products in the firearms industry. They’re chosen by retailers are well-versed with customer demands and preferences. Amidst a formidable line-up of nominees, the TaurusTX 22 further distinguished itself with its superb accuracy, dependability, and user-friendliness.

“We are thrilled that the TaurusTX 22 has been recognized as the Shooting Sports Retailer Choice Award winner for New Product of the Year,” said Caleb Giddings, Brand Marketing Manager at Taurus. “Our team worked hard to create a handgun that meets the needs of shooters of all levels, and we are proud to have the industry and our customers recognize the TaurusTX 22 as a top-performing product.”

About The TaurusTX 22

The TaurusTX 22 is a .22 LR chambered semi-automatic rimfire handgun, featuring a full-sized polymer frame and a 16-round capacity. This makes it an ideal choice for target shooting and recreational shooting. Its design encompasses an ergonomic grip, adjustable rear sight, and a crisp trigger. Together, these ensure a comfortable shooting experience along with remarkable precision.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award and grateful to our customers and the industry for their continued support,” said Giddings. “We remain committed to providing innovative, high-quality firearms that meet the needs of shooters and enthusiasts alike.”

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