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Fishing with a Hispanic View

Fishing is fishing, no matter where you are, what religion you believe in, your race, your age, or what political party you vote for. It is an experience more than an activity. Anglers like to fish because of the feeling it brings, and that feeling is one of universal joy.

I personally believe that we all have a great fisherman or hunter inside of us. It’s in our DNA and naturally instinctive. As humans, we have hunted and fished since the beginning of time. Millions of years are just buried under our skin, waiting to be awakened, unleashing the primal feelings created when you connect with a fish or hunt a buck.

Today, more than 55 million people in the United States have Hispanic roots and yet, for many reasons, the tradition of the outdoors, fishing and hunting, is becoming increasingly less popular within the culture. We are missing out on the feeling and experience of the great natural resources we inherited from our forefathers. It would be a shame if so many pass their entire lives missing the outdoors. And shame on us if we don’t take action and do something to introduce our youth back to the outdoors.

“Vamos a Pescar” is the Spanish-speaking version of the Take Me Fishing organization. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to introducing the outdoors to all of these people who are missing out – especially the Hispanic population.

fishing-vamos-a-pescar-pic 1

In collaboration with Con Caña y Carrete, the oldest fishing TV show in Latin América, we are committed to bringing not only young people to fishing but also to empower commercial fisherman in México to become fishing guides. This allows the population to earn more money for their families and to live better and fuller lives. Proudly, together we can say that we have empowered and trained well over 7,000 commercial fishermen in the art of sport fishing and conservation; many of which have switched to fishing guides entirely.

Vamos a Pescar believes that for every kid we teach to fish, we have gained a future supporter of the sport and industry and have created another “soldier” for the defense of nature. Years and years of performing fishing summer camps, both in Mexico and the USA, have produced a legion of fisherman but, most importantly, much better and well-rounded human beings. Our job is to put a rod and reel in the hands of millions of Hispanics and teach them the wonderful feeling produced from a fish pulling your line, the feeling of fresh morning mist, or the colors of nature right before sundown. No one can love, respect protect, and promote what they do not know.

No one understands this dilemma better than Bass Pro Shops Founder Johnny Morris, and, thus, he has been supporting the efforts taken by Take Me Fishing and donating large amounts of support so they can put rods and reels in the hands of kids that otherwise would spend their lives indoors, caring less about nature.

Every day, new gadgets and games come up in the market and end up in the hands of our kids, keeping their heads bent down instead of watching the birds, the sky, the motions of nature with all its rhythm and mystery. It’s time we engage these kids and get them off of technology and hook them on nature again.

So, for the benefit of all, let’s join the effort and contribute to the cause, like Johnny and many others have in the past…we owe it to them, we owe it to us, we owe it to nature.



Pedro Sors

To learn more or donate to Vamos a Pescar, please visit vamosapescar.org or takemefishing.org.

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