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Barnett Hyper Raptor Crossbow Review

The Barnett Hyper Raptor Crossbow offers speed and accuracy in an affordable package.

The Barnett Hyper Raptor crossbow not only sounds like a performance package, it is one. Barnett has been a primary contributor to crossbow innovation for decades, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The new Barnett Hyper Raptor is another example of why this forward-thinking company is a leader in crossbow production. 

Barnett Hyper Raptor Crossbow Review

About the Crossbow

Barnett Hyper Raptor Crossbow

For starters, the Hyper Raptor looks like something designed for a black-ops team. The red on black with smoked out Raptor printed on the limbs gives the Hyper Raptor an almost super car-like appearance that would be perfect eye candy for the showroom floor. The proprietary step through riser keeps the crossbow compact by integrating the stirrup into the riser. Add in the adjustable butt stock and three-position collapsible front grip, and you have yourself a tactical looking hunting rig that you will be excited to pull out of your case.

When fully drawn, the Hyper Raptor balances beautifully. The size of the hyper raptor is excellent and very comparable to some of the higher-end brands. Axle-to-axle is only 7.25 inches when cocked, and the total length is 32 inches. The quiver is a quick release that sits parallel to the bow, just under the limbs, on either side for ambidexterity. Since a good percentage of the bow is made of polymer and lightweight aluminum, the total package is only about 7.1 pounds; light enough for anyone to pack in and out for long walks to the blind. 

Shooting the Barnett Hyper Raptor Crossbow

Barnett gave hunters the Rope Cocking Device (RCD) in 1993 and has improved upon that technology again. The Barnett Hyper Raptor includes Barnett’s Rope Hold Roller Ball Technology, which keeps the RCD in place at the back of the bow, while Barnett’s new sled style RCD locks onto the bow string. If you don’t want to leave the crossbow cocked, you can keep the RCD attached to the bow without concern of the RCD coming loose or having to store the RCD separately. I am in fair physical shape, so I personally would opt for the RCD over the crank, but there is an option to add a crank if manually pulling the bow back is not a possibility. 

The Hyper Raptor sends a HyperFlite bolt out at 410 fps, which is good for 142-foot lbs. of kinetic energy. The user will have plenty of power to take any North American big game. Because the Hyper family of crossbows uses the HyperFlite bolts at .204 in diameter, the wind has minimal impact on the flight of the extra-thin-style bolt. This type of smaller diameter has proved extremely effective in the world of vertical bows, and Barnett is bringing the technology to crossbows. You can be confident this package is more than capable of creating impressive groups out to 80 yards with hard-hitting force.

A Few Things to Note: Quiet, Speedy, Affordable

Barnett Hyper Raptor Crossbow

Since the Hyper Raptor is built to shoot a smaller diameter bolt instead of the industry standard diameter bolt (although it can shoot both), the Hyper Raptor does not seem to have that loud crack you might hear from some of the faster crossbows in its category. I am sure that this was a testament to Barnett’s limb dampening system and string suppressor system. All things considered, this was a very pleasant weapon to shoot.

The Barnett Soft-Lok Bristle Retainer System kept the bolt in place without any bolt movement, and the Halo system keeps the cams in perfect alignment. Even though the bolt is leaving the Hyper Raptor over 400 fps, the shooter doesn’t feel the power behind the bow. Since the setup is buffered so well, only the intended target experiences the kinetic energy the Raptor generates. 

I found that the fixed 4×36 scope with red and green illuminated reticle was a sufficient match for the setup, however I do wish the Hyper Raptor came with a variable zoom for those longer shots. But for a crossbow that has a price tag of only $599.99, I am not complaining.

The package also comes with three bolts, sled-style cocking rope, wax, detachable butt stock, scope, and quick-detach quiver. For the money, this is probably one of the best value crossbows you will get your hands on. 

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