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It is what it was, and so much more. That could definitely be said of the FN High Power, a new take on a classic pistol that’s been redesigned for today’s sport shooter. It pays respect to the original John Browning and FN design but offers increased capacity, better shoot-ability and pinpoint accuracy that outperforms any previous interpretation of the FN original.

A Momentous Meeting

FN was established in 1889 when it began making 150,000 Mauser rifles for the Belgian military. In addition to firearms and accessories, it has produced motorcycles, cars, and jet engines. FN saw a resurgence in the small arms market in the 1930s when the High Power was being developed, but it was the partnership with John Moses Browning that put FN on a path toward becoming the major brand name in firearms that it is today.

The partnership began when Hart O. Berg, an FN sales manager, visited New York City in an effort to find new items that could be made at the FN factory. It was there that he met John Moses Browning. The two bonded over bicycles, which led to FN’s bike production. Their partnership formed in 1897 after Browning showed Berg a design for an auto-loading pistol, which is model 1899/model 1900—the first pistol made with a reciprocating slide.

Following Browning’s death in 1926, his protégé Dieudonne Saive became Chief Arms Designer. Saive started his career with FN in 1919 as a toolmaker and became Browning’s right-hand man. He is responsible for the designs of the trifecta of FN military products: the High Power, the FAL, and the MAG58. 

A Storied Past

Extending the legacy of the original John Browning pistol design completed by Dieudonné Saive in 1935 for FN, the High Power has served more than 50 armies and 93 nations as a trusted NATO sidearm. Over one million High Power pistols were produced and sold during its 80-year history. The final High Power design, which is widely recognized, began production in 1935, and was based on specifications from the Belgian military. It featured a double-stack magazine that was the first of its kind. It’s clear by these modern modifications that FN recognized the gravity involved in reintroducing the iconic High Power and held itself to a higher standard.

Reimagined for Modern Metal Handgun Enthusiasts

If FN just wanted to make a replica of their iconic pistol, they could have done so years ago. Instead, they commissioned a historical design study to make sure they kept everything metal handgun enthusiasts loved about the legendary firearm, while adding the modern features that today’s sport shooter has come to expect. They focused on 10 specific core elements as areas of priority for the new design, with the inclusion of signature elements: the keyhole muzzle, long-arm slide release, the taper of the dust cover, and John Browning’s overall influence. FN pulled forward the signature elements that elevated the FN High Power over other metal handguns with its increased capacity, which adds 25 percent more rounds over the original along with an industry-first 17+1 mag capacity.

High Power Design

The FN High Power weighs in at 40 ounces, with a robust design that keeps the signature rake of the dust cover and long-arm slide release. Adding in the ambidextrous controls and knurled safety lever, the new High Power gives instinctive operation in any hand to quickly build shooter speed and confidence. The pistol’s crisp, single-action trigger and dovetail sights make it a flat-shooting wonder. Checkered polymer side scales pay homage to the original, improving ergonomics with a handcrafted palm swell. With improved internals and a modern barrel lockup, the new FN High Power design is more robust and capable of cycling most 9mm loads.

FN engineers resolved another issue with the original design to make disassembling the new FN High Power as simple as taking down any modern polymer pistol. The FN High Power takes down instantly for maintenance and deletes the magazine disconnect, and it ensures that most modern factory loads feed smoothly over the polished ramp of the cold hammer-forged barrel that maximizes longevity.

fn high power handgun

One feature that appeals to modern gun buyers is the ability to customize their firearms, and the FN High Power makes that easier than ever before. The new pistol is finished in black, stainless steel, or FN signature flat dark earth (FDE). Two pairs of grips come standard, with seven unique accessory grip pairs to personalize your FN High Power. With the new colors and grip options, customers now have over 350 combinations to choose from, truly making their High Power unique. 

Carry the Future with a Modern Classic

FN respects what the original High Power has meant to generations of collectors and believes the new FN High Power dovetails perfectly with the rest of their product line. The new FN High Power will likely be a top choice for both metal handgun enthusiasts and those who enjoy collecting the FN brand. Whether used for building skills at the range, adding to your collection, or for protecting what matters most, the new FN High Power is an excellent choice. It is proudly made in the USA with state-of-the-art benefits that only FN can bring to the legendary High Power pistol. See the FN High Power in action and check out other products at fnamerica.com.

FN 509 Midsize Tactical 9MM
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