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What To Wear This Hunting Season | KUIU Clothing Guide

The hunting industry has been saying it for years now—dress in layers. KUIU’s late founder, Jason Hairston, pioneered the industry’s layering concept by developing an ultra-light camouflage system utilizing revolutionary fabrics. Pulling from a heritage of hunting in the roughest mountain terrain, KUIU now offers solutions for any hunt, including long whitetail deer sits. If it can work 10,000 feet up on a mountain ridgeline during a blizzard, it should have you covered in your tree stand.

Late fall and winter is when you will see the most erratic weather conditions. You can encounter rain, sleet, or snow. Your layering system will need to be more intensive and based on your expected conditions. The addition of insulation and multiple mid-layers will help with heat retention. Also, as cold fronts move in and temperatures plummet, the need for insulation pieces becomes crucial, as insulation traps the heat, making the below freezing temps tolerable.


Your base layer is the foundation of your layering system. As your next-to-skin layer, comfort is important. Keep in mind this layer is always on, hot or cold, so choose a fabric that wicks moisture and breathes well.

Peloton 97 Top—$99.99, kuiu.com
Peloton 97 Bottom—$89.99, kuiu.com


Your mid layer is worn over your base layer and under your insulation and outer layer. It is typically a lightweight fleece or a light insulation piece. This is where extra warmth can be added. Hooded options are a nice addition to protect your head and neck from the wind. Before purchasing a hooded option though, make sure to count the number of hoods already in your system. Too many hoods can be cumbersome when all layers are on.

Strong Fleece Hybrid 260 Hoodie—$149.99, kuiu.com


The whole premise behind insulation is heat retention. KUIU’s Super Down options are constructed with a down-proof coating to keep the clusters from migrating through the fabric. That coating makes these pieces windproof and limits breathability, which in turn traps body heat inside the garment making them perfect for long tree stand sits.

Super Down Pro Jacket—$299.99, kuiu.com
Super Down Pro Pants—$249.99, kuiu.com


Although on the heavier side, soft shells do have a place in your layering system. Known to be durable, they are a great outer layer in thick vegetation. Soft shells also perform exceptionally well in windy conditions and offer protection in snow and light rain.

Axis Jacket—$269.99, kuiu.com
Axis Pants—$229.99, kuiu.com


Strong Fleece Base Layer Glove—$39.99, kuiu.com
Super Down Mitt—$119.99, kuiu.com
Peloton 97 Neck Gaiter—$25.00, kuiu.com
Peloton 240 Beanie—$30.00, kuiu.com

The days of buying men’s camo in smaller sizes are gone, and outdoorswomen are rejoicing. For far too long, women have been left behind searching for camouflage that fits correctly. SHE Camo is that solution and with proper tailoring, superior fabrics, and layering choices, the days of boxy cuts, cold air in all the wrong places, and traipsing through the woods like Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story are finally over.

The layering concepts still apply, though SHE is not exactly a system. In this round up, our female staff hit the racks at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s to create the perfect SHE Camo set up for late fall and winter whitetail hunting. Hand selecting pieces with technical fabrics, insulating layers, and anatomically correct cuts, we have created our own SHE system guaranteed to keep you warm and toasty.


Built for outdoorswomen with ice in their veins to match the frost on the ground. These base layers are a warm foundation even in the harshest conditions. This layer is highly breathable, fast drying, and moisture wicking.

SHE Outdoor 4.0 Base Layer Pants—$69.99, basspro.com
SHE Outdoor 4.0 Crew Neck Base Layer Top—$69.99, basspro.com


This layer is worn over your base layer for additional warmth. It is specifically cut for female hunters with tailoring details to fit the female form and keep you comfortable on the hunt. This is also the layer that you will use to regulate your temperature with ventilation and easy on/off capabilities.

SHE Outdoor EXP Camo Hoodie—$69.99, basspro.com
SHE Outdoor Women’s Reversible Insulator Puffy Vest—$79.99, basspro.com


An insulation-centric layer, use this layer to trap heat in and keep moisture out. When you hike to your deer blind or treestand, and the air starts whipping snow around, you’ll be glad you chose the winter-defying insulation pieces with durable water-repellent finishes to fend off late season conditions.

SHE Outdoor Women’s C4 Jacket – $159.99, basspro.com
SHE Outdoor C2 Pants – $99.99, basspro.com


SHE Outdoor Fleece Gaiter—$19.99, basspro.com
SHE Outdoor Liner Gloves—$14.99, basspro.com
SHE Outdoor Insulated Waterproof Gloves—$29.99, basspro.com
SHE Outdoor Reversible Blaze Fleece Beanie—$19.99, basspro.com


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