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A Comprehensive Review of the Polaris 2024 Sportsman 570 Hunt Edition 

I feel like most people, myself included, look for a new quad in the springtime. The fall hunting season is over, ol’ Betsy is in the garage still covered in the dried blood and mud from our successes and adventures and her lingering starter and ball joint issues remain silent until next season, when they screw us again in the morning on opening day.  

Hopefully, at some point, right about this time of year though, we fire her up for spring turkey season and we remember, “Shit! I either need to dump another couple of grand into this thing, or I need to buy a new one.” 

Polaris 2024 Sportsman 570 Hunt Edition 

Time to Upgrade My ATV

This was the year for me. My 2011 Polaris Sportsman served me well. We rode countless hours and miles together, hauled out numerous deer, went on late-night cruises, and even got stuck a time or thirty. I could hear taps being played as I listed her on Facebook Marketplace and sent her and her aging ball joints, torn seat, busted high beam, and rusted utility rack off to another owner, sure to curse me when he uncovers my less-than-professional accessory wiring job. 

Polaris 2024 Sportsman 570 Hunt Edition 

Like Hugh Hefner, I ushered out the old and welcomed in a much younger, perkier responsive, and “upgraded” model—the Polaris 2024 Sportsman 570 Hunt Edition. (That was a terrible analogy by the way, and if it wasn’t for me not caring about being PC 100% of the time, I’d probably cut it, but it made you smile, and the reader is always my first priority…) 

Polaris 2024 Sportsman 570—She’s Got the Looks That Kill 

When I first picked up the quad, it was love at first sight. The exterior design of the 2024 Sportsman 570 Hunt Edition screams “Take me hunting.”  With matte finishes and camouflage accents, it blends into its natural surroundings perfectly. Its aggressive stance, reinforced by rugged 26-inch PTX tires and 11.5 inches of raised ground clearance, underscores its off-road prowess. Moreover, the inclusion of rugged utility racks and powerful lighting enhances its utility, facilitating the transportation of gear, and illuminating the path on those early morning rides in. The LED accent lights flirted with the idea of next hunting season. Yeah, I see you winking at me… 

Polaris 2024 Sportsman 570 Hunt Edition 

But that was just surface looks. Looking closer, functionality takes precedence without compromising on comfort. Underneath durable materials and ample storage compartments (6 gallons of storage to be exact) to accommodate hunting essentials were flawlessly hidden—like the lady she was. Ergonomically designed seats offer exceptional support, ensuring comfort during prolonged rides. The incorporation of weather-resistant upholstery further underscores its suitability for good times, allowing for easy cleanup after things get muddy. 

Performance Particulars

Equipped with a potent powertrain, the 2024 Sportsman 570 Hunt Edition delivers uncompromising performance across diverse terrains with its ProStar 4-Stroke DOHC Single Cylinder 567cc engine boasting 44HP. The advanced four-wheel-drive system, coupled with differential lock capabilities, instills confidence when tackling challenging landscapes. Whether navigating through rocky terrain or traversing through muddy trails, this vehicle maintains traction and stability, offering a smooth and controlled driving experience. The responsive throttle ensures brisk acceleration, while the suspension system and its nearly 9-inch travel mitigate the impact of uneven surfaces, preserving ride comfort. Riders will also appreciate the 11.5-inch ground clearance, skid plates and the 14-inch aluminum wheels wrapped in 26-inch PXT tires. Bottoming out is inevitable, but during my testing, it was a rare occurrence.  When it did happen, I slid over most obstacles like a kid on a sled.  

Hunt-Ready Features

The Polaris 2024 Sportsman 570 Hunt Edition is packed with features:  2,500 lb. Polaris HD Winch with Synthetic Rope (great for dragging out trees that fell on the trail or hanging deer), Front Ultimate Series Bumper, Rear Ultimate Series Bumper (great for backing into trees…), Cut and Sew Seat, In Pod Battery Charge Port, Dipped Camo Plastics, Hand and Thumb Warmers, Kolpin Ratchet Claws and Kolpin Gun Scabbard & Mount. 

If I can be honest (as a review should be) the Gun Scabbard & Mount rattled like the dickens and was promptly removed. The quad is certainly on the quiet side from an engine noise perspective, but no one needs the chatter of a rattling gun case. Just clamp your firearm into the rachet claws. Not to mention, the Sportsman Hunt Edition sits at a width of 48 inches and the additional gun scabbard adds about 8 more onto it. So not ideal for tight trails. Either I was going to remove it or a tree was. I made the more sensible call and took it off myself.  

Another note of caution—use the thumb warmer on low! Unless of course you’re running from the law, and you need to melt your thumbprint off. It gets, not warm, but hot! 

She’s a Keeper

Was replacing ol’ Betsy a good idea, yes. Was the upgrade worth it, yes. But, like any “younger” model, things get expensive fast. Starting at $11,699 MSRP the Polaris Sportsman 570 Hunt Edition is an investment. If the Hunt Edition is just out of reach, look to the Polaris Sportsman 570 for comparable performance at about a grand less (and minus the gun rattler and camo wrap job. 

Either way, you are good to go this spring and summer to hit the trails and with either choice you make, you can rest easy when the opening day of deer season comes. Just don’t check your DM’s on Facebook, Bubba may be reaching out to discuss why the ground wire is just flopping there and ol’ Betsy is running hotter than your wife when you told her you just dropped 12 grand on a younger model a new Polaris! 

For more information, visit Polaris.com

Polaris 2024 Sportsman 570 Hunt Edition 

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