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Celebrate 75 Years with Mark IV, SR1911, LCP MAX & Ruger 10/22 Collectibles

Rare is the gun company that has contributed to the firearms world on multiple platforms. One standout that has is Ruger.

Since 1949, Ruger has been producing some of the finest guns in the world. Many of these guns have become iconic and simply a part of everyday gun culture. In 2024, Ruger proudly celebrates 75 years of manufacturing rugged, reliable firearms. To commemorate this accomplishment, Ruger recently announced four 75th Anniversary Models, each representative of Ruger’s storied past and bright future. These commemorative models are inspired by iconic Ruger products and represent each of their three major manufacturing facilities.

This special collection includes two versions of the storied 10/22, the groundbreaking LCP MAX, the beautiful SR1911, and my personal favorite, the Mark IV 22 pistol. I have a special place in my heart for the Mark IV simply because I have shot approximately 10.8 billion rounds through it. Like the 10/22, rare is the serious shooter that hasn’t owned one at some point in their life.

Hands-On with Ruger’s 75th Anniversary Mark IV Target

This 75th-anniversary gun comes with Ruger’s laser engraved logo on the receiver and back of the bolt, packaged in a throwback-styled, 75th Anniversary printed box, and includes a 75th Anniversary decal.


Like previous models, it has a simple, one-button takedown for quick and easy field-stripping and proper chamber-to-muzzle cleaning. Pressing a button in the back of the frame allows the barrel-receiver assembly to tilt up and off the grip frame without the use of tools. It has a hearty one-piece, precision CNC-machined grip frame that helps give it its classic look. The cold hammer-forged heavy tapered target barrel results in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy and longevity. A nice feature is the smoothly contoured, comfortable grip that features a natural pointing grip angle with replaceable grip panels for a non-slip hold.

Other Mark IV Target Details

Ruger was ahead of their time on a couple of features. The Internal cylindrical bolt construction ensures permanent sight-to-barrel alignment and higher accuracy potential than conventional moving-slide designs. The gun also has an ambidextrous manual safety that can be converted to the left side only with an included washer.

ruger mark iv

Mark IV Range Report

With all the specs and design features, it all comes together on the range. It is a very easy shooting and accurate gun. Many people started their firearms journey with a Mark IV in hand. It had been a bit, so I packed up the Mark IV and headed to the range. For ammo, I ran CCI 40-grain lead round nose and CCI .22 High-velocity poly-coated ammunition. As I loaded the mag, I started to have a flashback to simpler times and opportunities to shoot just for fun. There would be no running for cover or tactical reloads today and that was a breath of fresh air.

Once loaded, I set up on my 25-yard target and started shooting. To simply make the experience more enjoyable, I would be shooting steel. The report of a round hitting steel is very satisfying. With the first magazine now empty, there was a distinct single great spot on the steel. This was a reminder of how accurate the Mark IV is.

Easy to Load & Fun to Shoot

While they exist, I found no need to use a loading device. The Mark IV magazine with its small follower depressor makes loading a breeze. Loading the gun is a breeze as well. A contoured ejection port and easy-to-grasp bolt ears allow for durable and reliable operation round after round. While I was there to simply have a good time, I did find myself trying to milk as much accuracy out of the pistol as I could. I turned to paper and began making a small adjustment to the rear sight to improve my hits. This is a nice feature and instills a sense of accuracy importance in new shooters.

While it seemed like minutes, a couple of hours had flown by and I stood in a pile of spent brass. For a time, I was a young man simply having an enjoyable time on the range. The Ruger Mark IV is not only a well-made pistol, but also a part of Americana. If you do not have one in your collection, I encourage you to remedy that. You will thank me later.

shooting the ruger mark iv 7th anniversary edition

Specifications: Ruger 75th Anniversary Model Mark IV Target

ACTION: Semi-automatic
BARREL: 6.88 inches
OA LENGTH: 11 inches
WEIGHT: 32.8 ounces (empty)
GRIPS: Fully Checkered Wood Laminate
SIGHTS: Fixed front, adjustable rear
MSRP: $599

Ruger 75th Anniversary SR1911

The SR1911, first introduced in 2011 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Government Model 1911, salutes Ruger’s pride in American craftmanship, demonstrated by the attractive and intricate details on the slide and grip panels. Only 750 of the 75th Anniversary SR1911s will be produced during 2024 and will be identifiable by a special “R75” serial number prefix.

ruger sr1911

The SR1911 features a classic, original 1911 fire control. Positive barrel lock-up allows for superior accuracy out of the box. It is a traditional design with replaceable grip panels and checkered backstrap, lightweight aluminum, skeletonized trigger that provides a very crisp, no creep, light trigger pull with a quick, positive reset. A skeletonized hammer and titanium firing pin for faster lock time. The SR1911 also has several safety features including an oversized beavertail grip, extended thumb, and slide stop lever for improved, positive manipulation.

Its integral plunger tube for slide stop and thumb safety is not staked and will never come loose. Other features include an oversized ejection port and extended magazine release, an inspection port that allows for visual confirmation, flat mainspring housing, and rear slide serrations for a positive grip. The Limited Edition 75th Anniversary model features a “R75” serial number prefix and is embellished with a laser engraved slide. Custom grip panels feature detailed scrollwork to match the engraved slide.

ruger sr 1911

Specifications: Ruger 75th Anniversary SR1911

CALIBER: .45 Auto
ACTION: Semi-automatic
BARREL: 5 inches
OA LENGTH: 8.67 inches
WEIGHT: 39 ounces (empty)
GRIPS: Custom-engraved hardwood
SIGHTS: Drift-adjustable Novak 3-dot
FINISH: Low-glare stainless steel
MSRP: $1,799

Ruger 75th Anniversary LCP MAX

The LCP MAX, manufactured in Mayodan, NC, is an evolution of the LCP, a pistol that transformed the market with its introduction in 2008. When I say it transformed a market, it is more correct to say it launched a market. The LCP was the sub-compact gun to get traction in the newest CCW market. It changed the game and the industry has been playing catch up since. The Ruger LCP MAX is a .380 ACP 10+1 Pistol.

Ruger 75th Anniversary LCP MAX

Featuring a Safe Action Trigger and a Double Action Only (DAO) action. Crafted with a durable polymer frame and a serrated black oxide steel slide. With a barrel length of 2.80 inches and an overall length of 5.17 inches, it strikes the perfect balance between compactness and performance. The Ruger LCP MAX comes equipped with a Tritium Fiber Optic front sight and drift-adjustable rear sight. Additionally, it comes with black nylon grips and includes a magazine, holster, and magazine loader.

Weighing just 10.60 ounces, this pistol is lightweight and ergonomic, making it an ideal choice for right-handed shooters. The anniversary version features a celebration of Ruger’s 75th Anniversary with a laser engraved logo on top of the slide, packaged in a throwback-styled, 75th Anniversary printed box, and includes a 75th Anniversary decal.

Ruger 75th Anniversary LCP MAX

Specifications: Ruger 75th Anniversary LCP MAX

CALIBER: .380 Auto
ACTION: Semi-automatic
BARREL: 2.8 inches
OA LENGTH: 5.17 inches
WEIGHT: 10.6 ounces (empty)
GRIPS: Black, glass-filled nylon
SIGHTS: Tritium white front, drift-adjustable rear
FINISH: Stainless steel
MSRP: $479

Ruger Collector’s Series 10/22

Ruger Collector’s Series 10/22

In production for 60 years, the Ruger 10/22 has become America’s favorite .22 rifle. With proven performance, legendary action, and a renowned, reliable rotary magazine, the 10/22 has inspired a loyal following. The Ruger Collector’s Series 10/22 Carbine commemorates over a half-century of excellence. The standard version of the Ruger 10/22 has been in production continuously since 1964, making it one of the most successful rimfire rifle designs in history, with numerous third-party manufacturers making parts and accessories for upgrading and customization. The 10/22’s aftermarket is so prolific that a complete 10/22 can be built without using any Ruger-made components.

Today Ruger is offering their Sixth Edition Ruger Collector’s Series 60th Anniversary 10/22 rifle featuring a unique 60th Anniversary bolt marking and is accented with a red charging handle and trigger. The 60th Anniversary 10/22 ships in a Collector’s Series box with a Sixth Edition Ruger Collector’s Series metal street sign and pin.

Ruger Collector’s Series 10/22

The rifle is equipped with a Magpul Hunter X-22 stock made from high-quality reinforced polymer and features an ergonomic grip, adjustable length of pull and comb height to fit a wide variety of shooters, multiple sling mounting options, a non-slip rubber buttpad, and M-Lok slots for accessory attachment. This legendary action is a tried-and-true Ruger design that ensures consistent, reliable performance. A detachable 10-round rotary magazine features a unique rotor to separate cartridges and provide reliable feeding. The easy-to-use, extended magazine release provides smooth, no-fuss removal of flush-mounted magazines. Barrel-wise, Ruger uses a precision-rifled, cold hammer-forged barrel capped with a Ruger flash suppressor mounted with a 1/2″-28 thread. It has a factory-installed Picatinny rail with an adjustable rear aperture ring sight. In short, it is a good-looking and super-shooting tribute to this classic rifle.

Editor’s Note: This rifle is also available with an American Camo Synthetic stock with an MSRP of $439. And for more on the Ruger 75th Anniversary 10/22 Sporter models, please visit https://ruger.com/micros/ruger75Anniversary.

Specifications: Ruger Collector’s Series 10/22 

ACTION: Semi-automatic
BARREL: 18.5 inches
OA LENGTH: 38.5 inches
WEIGHT: 5.7 pounds (empty)
STOCK: Gray Magpul Hunter X-22
SIGHTS: Protected blade front, adjustable Ghost Ring rear
FINISH: Satin stainless steel
MSRP: $639

For more information visit ruger.com

Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite Is Optics-Ready

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