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image of Ruger Super Wrangler
image of Ruger Super Wrangler

Ruger’s highly popular Super Wrangler collection is bolstered by the release of single-action revolvers within the line.

Today, Ruger unveils the Super Wrangler family of single-action revolvers. Building upon the success of the popular and budget-friendly Wrangler line introduced in 2019, the Super Wrangler takes it to the next level. It features a durable steel cylinder frame and the inclusion of two cylinders. This allows for seamless conversion between .22 LR ammunition and powerful .22 WMR ammunition.

Ruger has a long-standing tradition of employing modern manufacturing techniques to enhance affordability, pioneered by Bill Ruger himself with the introduction of the Single-Six in 1953. Leveraging modern CNC-machining methods and lean manufacturing practices, the Super Wrangler pushes the boundaries of affordability while upholding the robust reliability that defines Ruger firearms.

About the Ruger Super Wrangler Single Action Revolver

The Super Wrangler pays homage to Ruger’s heritage of crafting quality, rugged, and reliable single-action revolvers. It follows in the footsteps of the beloved Ruger Single-Six. With its attractive price point (under $500) and the affordability of rimfire ammunition, this revolver is perfect for individuals looking to learn shooting skills. Or use it to introduce friends or family to the sport, or simply have fun with single-action shooting.

Initially available in three eye-catching Cerakote models – black, silver, and bronze – the Super Wrangler boasts an adjustable target sight and a 5.5-inch barrel. Further, the standard checkered black grip panels can be easily swapped for Single-Six panels, allowing for personalized customization options. Additionally, the Super Wrangler conveniently fits into Single-Six holsters designed for 5.5-inch barrels. Note that the cylinders of the Super Wrangler are unique to this model. They’re not interchangeable with the standard aluminum-frame Wrangler or Single-Six Convertible cylinders.

Single-action rimfire revolvers offer a safe and enjoyable way to introduce newcomers to the shooting sport. It also provides experienced shooters a reminder of the pure fun that range time can offer. Whether you’re a first-time firearm owner or expanding your collection, spending time at the range with the Super Wrangler aims to guarantee a worthwhile experience.

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