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Ruger ReadyDot

Ruger‘s new ReadyDot Micro Reflex Optic aims to enhance your shooting experience.

Meet the Ruger ReadyDot micro reflex optic, a new addition to their optics lineup. Designed with the shooter in mind, the ReadyDot is a compact and reliable 1X reflex sight that enhances accuracy and target acquisition.

The Ruger ReadyDot is specifically engineered to co-witness seamlessly with the Ruger MAX-9 pistol, while also being compatible with any compact handgun featuring a standard Shield RMSc footprint. By utilizing this reflex sight, shooters can keep both eyes open, maintaining focus on the target rather than the front sight, for a more intuitive shooting experience.

About the Ruger ReadyDot Micro Reflex Optic

What sets the Ruger ReadyDot apart is its innovative design. Traditional optics rely on batteries and electronics. However, the ReadyDot employs fiber optics to gather light, ensuring a self-adjusting aiming dot that never requires a battery. This feature not only enhances convenience but also guarantees optimal brightness in various lighting conditions.

The fixed co-witnessed dot features a large 15 MOA size. This further optimizes the optic for rapid target acquisition at pistol distances. Because of this, it aims to be ideal for quick and accurate shooting.

Durability is a top priority for Ruger, and the ReadyDot is no exception. Built to withstand the rigors of shooting, this fixed, non-adjustable sight is highly robust, waterproof, and shock resistant. By eliminating delicate adjustment mechanisms, we have created one of the most reliable and rugged pistol optics available on the market.

Ruger SFAR Rifle
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