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shimano combo
Photo thanks to Shimano

If you’re bass-fishing diehard, this is the Shimano combo you need to put together.

The perfect combination is pretty subjective when it comes to bass fishing techniques especially when it comes to swimbaits. There are a lot of awesome brands out there that claim they have the total package when it comes to rod, reel, line, and bait.

However, most brands fall short on one or more of those categories. This means anglers will stray away from brand loyalty and build a combo that integrates a variety of different companies for fishing those big baits for largemouth bass. While this may still be subjective to many anglers, we did find an ultimate combination for swimbait fishing within the Shimano brand. 

Building the Ultimate Shimano Combo

Reel: Shimano Curado 300K

shimano combo

Shimano has been a staple to a lot of anglers for many years. I’ve seen guides with decades of experience on the water still using the older models and swear by them. Today we have access to a long list of time tested and proven models, but for swimbaits the Shimano Curado 300k takes the cake for our preferred Shimano combination.

Even though it is a 300 series reel, it rivals a 200 series in terms of size of and weight compared to other competitors. The gear ratio is more than equipped to handle the large Florida strain bass especially when you go with the 4.7:1 ratio. This reel is truly meant to make cranking in those large baits effortless while the large spool allows you to make the extremely long casts down the bank. 

Rod: Shimano SLX Swimbait Casting Rod 7’2” MH

shimano combo rod

This one might throw some anglers off a little, but hear me out as we go through the entire combo. Shimano built this rod specifically for larger baits; it’s rated for 1-4oz lures. The medium-heavy action is going to allow that rod to load effortlessly when casting. Plus, that fast tip is going to give you the sensitivity and control when maneuvering those baits.

It also goes without saying that the price point is outstanding for a swimbait specific rod. When you are fishing big baits you typically want a few on the deck. For what you are getting in SLX swimbait casting rod, you can actually afford to keep a couple of them on the deck.

Bait: Shimano Armajoint 190 SF Flash Boost

I had mentioned the rod might throw some people off in this Shimano combo. But here’s why. Most swimbait fishermen cast a mile and swim that big bait in open water, especially with jointed body swim baits. But the Armajoint folds almost completely in half and allows the bait to skip. With the shorter swimbait rod, you will have the control to throw this bait under docks or hanging structure and skip it way back where other swimbaits can’t get to.

The Armajoint is a slow sinking bait perfect for a wide range of water depths and the Flash Boost technology keeps the bait flickering even when you let it rest. The hook keepers lock the treble hooks into place to prevent snagging. And the action of the bait allows it to be fished in a variety of ways making it one of the most versatile swimbaits you will come across. 

Line: Shimano Mastiff FC Fluorocarbon

Shimano won the 2023 iCast Award for best fishing line with the new Mastiff FC Fluorocarbon. So, it goes without saying it’s a good product. This line is meant for long casts, offering a silky smooth feel for those subtle bites when the bait is a long way out.

What makes this the perfect swimbait line is Shimano’s devised NANO ARMOR technology which enhances knot strength. You can feel confident this line won’t slip when fighting those big bass that come with swimbait fishing. 

This line is releasing soon, but until then, you can preorder it here via Shimano.

Final Thoughts on the Ultimate Shimano Combo

There are a lot of great products out there for different techniques of fishing and an endless possibility of combinations. Bit ut we have to give credit to Shimano for putting it all under one roof.

When it comes to swimbait techniques Shimano gets our vote for the ultimate combination of rod, reel, line, and bait. 

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