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Meet the Volcon Grunt – the premier electric bike for hunting and fishing . To truly explore the outdoors, you need to feel free of interruptions or distractions. You need a smooth, powerful, and practically noiseless ride to get to and from your spot in the woods. A ride that doesn’t require lugging gasoline cans; one that’s simple and straightforward to operate. A low-maintenance vehicle that’s always ready to go when you are—you need the Volcon Grunt.

Volcon’s mission is to enhance your experience of the outdoors with electric technology—for everyone. Founded in 2020 and headquartered just 25 miles outside downtown Austin, Texas. The company is nestled in the foothills of the rugged American landscape that inspires their off-road, all-electric designs. Volcon lives to explore uncharted territory, and that is why they built and designed the Grunt—an off-road, wide-range electric motorcycle. And for a limited time, you can take $2000 off a Volcon Grunt with the Model Year-End Sales Event—just in time for Christmas! Reserve Now For $2,000 Off Your Grunt.



Get the electric edge on all of your outdoor activities—from doing daily chores to riding rough for fun on the weekends. Easy, quiet, efficient, and ready to roll, the Volcon Grunt is truly a state-of-the-art ride. Why? Here are 9 reasons to get a Grunt:

1. First of all, the design of this ride is badass. Be prepared to get compliments.

2. The Volcon Grunt electric motorcycle is incredibly easy to use, even for brand-new riders. Ditch the gas cans, there are no complicated clutches or gears. Just plug in your vehicle for a few hours to fully charge it, and you’re ready to ride.

3. The Grunt is a practically noiseless ride. Don’t alert your target or disturb the peace and quiet of the great outdoors—just ride wherever your excursion takes you in stealth mode.

4. The Grunt is a low-maintenance vehicle. No rebuilding carburetors, checking oil levels, or any of tedious, time-consuming chores you’ll find with gasoline-powered bikes.

5. Another reason to ride electric? The Grunt delivers an unparalleled, powerful ride. A high-torque motor with quick pick up glides over any landscape, reaching up to 40 miles per hour.

6. There’s nothing like the freedom to ride. You’ll enjoy new frontiers with confidence because the Grunt has a wide riding range. Cruise over a 75-mile range* before you need to charge your vehicle, without gas cans to slow you down or take you off the trail.

7. The Grunt has a supremely sturdy design. The combination of a comfortable low seat, oversized tires, and an almost-indestructible Eco-Arch frame allows you to safely conquer any terrain.

8. Stay connected when you need it the most with unique navigation technology. The app-based navigation system allows you to connect with other riders, track various locations and markers, log miles and keep devices charged.

9. Last, but not least: The Volcon Grunt has virtually no carbon footprint. Leave the planet better for the next generation of outdoorsmen with electric technologies that are clean, efficient, and forward-thinking.



Built with hunters, fishermen, and outdoorsmen in mind, the Grunt is made to take you where you want to go with ease, power, and speed—no gears, clutches, or gasoline necessary. Reserve a Grunt today or find a dealer near you and experience a ride like no other—on a Volcon.

>> Reserve Now For $2,000 Off Your Grunt <<

*The 75-mile range is calculated on Explorer mode with 2x 2.0kWh batteries. Your Volcon vehicle’s range will vary depending on use conditions, vehicle configuration, tire pressure, passenger weight, accessories fitted, riding style, environmental and climate conditions, and other factors. Range figures are based on a production vehicle over a standardized route.

**To qualify you must place your $100 Grunt deposit at https://www.volcon.com/grunt-explore and finalize your purchase at your local dealer within 14 days of your deposit. You will receive $400 in complimentary Grunt accessories, including: Volcon All-Weather Grunt Cover, Volcon Triangle Side Bag, Volcon Tank Bag. Accessories will direct ship to your home upon verification of your purchase.

***Accessories promo only runs Dec. 19th-24th. 

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