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Springfield and Alexo partnered on a concealed carry clothing collection, with fashion in mind.

Springfield Armory‘s announce its partnership with Alexo Athletica. The duo introduces a specially curated collection of readywear for those living an active, prepared lifestyle.

Protecting yourself shouldn’t hold you back. In the gym or on the town, Alexo Athletica x Springfield Armory readywear is good to go. It offers concealment-focused joggers, lounge pants and leggings, and a variety of complementary lifestyle pieces. Further, this line of premium readywear ensures you look great and feel great while carrying the tools you need to defend yourself.

About the Collection

The readywear clothing aims to be comfortable and convenient. Flattering lifestyle pieces provide modern, functional apparel for men and women on the go. Bring your essentials with you with the readywear’s patent-pending double pocket carry system.

Built into all pants, the system features multiple pocket locations for the concealed carry mode of your choice. Additional pockets offer convenient, secure transport of additional magazines, cell phones and accessories. The reinforced high-compression waistband stands up to the weight of your concealed-carry firearm. There, it holds your firearm securely in place during activity. Concealed carry pockets are designed for ease of carry of compact and micro-compact pistols.

Springfield armory readywear

The double pocket system aims for seamless integration of the available ambidextrous DeSantis Flextech pocket holster for additional protection for the trigger guard. Additionally, this minimalist holster delivers a smooth, clean draw, while the rubberized exterior coating also keeps it secure in the pocket of your choice.

Two Brands And A Single Purpose: Concealed Carry Clothing

“Springfield Armory is thrilled to be partnered with Alexo Athletica on this exciting, creative lifestyle project. Alexo Athletica and Springfield Armory share the same vision for creativity and quality product innovation. So, it’s been a natural pairing from the start. The Alexo collaboration is a natural extension of Springfield’s desire to bring the principles of self-reliance and personal protection to both men and women,” says Stefany Reese Toomer, Springfield Armory’s Apparel Design & Merchandising Manager.

concealed carry clothing

“Something magical happens when two companies with aligned visions come together and collaborate. That is exactly what happened with this partnership,” says Amy Robbins, CEO and co-founder of Alexo Athletica. “Working with Stefany and the Springfield team on this project has been a dream come true for a young entrepreneur like myself. This line signifies an important step in a new direction for the firearm industry as our two companies introduce this innovative line of apparel.”

An active lifestyle is more than hours clocked at the gym. This is why this versatile line of dynamic clothing was created. With it, you can finally go prepared, wherever your journey takes you.

Attention to Detail: Springfield Armory Prodigy 9MM Pistol Review


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